‘Dear Tony, what a lovely service you gave to us on a very sad day. It
was given in a way that it seemed you knew Simon really well. You
certainly have a gift working with people at a very bad time in their
lives. From the first time we met you when you came to Leigh we
liked you immediately, we knew we had made the right choice. May
you go on to help people along for many years to come, Tony.
Kindest regards’. Mary Holt & Derek Cawley

‘I just wanted to say a very big thank you for your excellent summation
of our wonderful Dad in your eulogy today. None of us doubted you
would help give him a great send off and we were truly not
disappointed. Everyone who attended commented on what a wonderful
service it was and even those who didn’t know him well went away
feeling they knew him better. One of our cousins said he has attended
two humanist funerals to date, and neither were a patch on Dad’s. Mum
felt you did him proud too, so all in all—a job very well done! Thank
you once again from the bottom of our hearts’. Dian Loynds

‘Hello Tony, you are truly amazing! Your service for my dad was quite
simply, excellent. I have been to 5 humanist funeral services over the past 3 years (yours was the 5th) but none can compare with the way you express the sorrow we all felt over dad’s death. The other speakers I heard were women, one from Birkenhead, two from Chester, one from Liverpool, and I’m sorry to admit they VERY unfortunately do not come EVEN CLOSE to your voice and concern for a family’s grief. Thank you—Thank you’. John Jones

“Dear Anthony, this is to thank you, for the funeral of my dearest Mum,
Molly Adams … many people commented on the service and how
lovely it was (lots of people not really knowing what to expect!) whilst
it was a very sad time, I feel sure my Mum will have been very pleased
with it all … you had not had the pleasure of meeting Mum but that last
piece you did, actually ALL you did, was really spot on, we have had
sad memories of it BUT happy also that is just as she would have
wanted …thank you from myself and the rest of the family” Trish

‘Hello Anthony, Our family would like to extend our warmest thanks and
appreciation for your service this morning. We feel it was the perfect balance of recalling our Father through memories and respecting his wishes for a brief and informal commemorative service. Thank you for helping us through today, very best regards’. Jacqueline, David, Robert and Derek Hill.

“….on behalf of my Mother & my family, I thank you for your kindness
and understanding at a time of great sadness. Your service for Bert was
truly wonderful. Friends asked how long you had known him and were
surprised that you had never met. You delivered a real tribute to a
wonderful man, and we cannot thank you enough”…Lorraine, Pat & Family

“…thank you for the very sensitive and very moving service for my Dad. I
am sure he would have been pleased with the content and the way in which
it was delivered. Everyone I spoke to afterwards said how lovely it was.
When we met you told me how Bertrand Russell had inspired your early
life, and you have inspired me to learn more about his philosophy, his
views on life and religion. ”…Jeremy

“…thank you for the great service you officiated for my Dad, Stan…the
service was well planned and brought great comfort to all the family and
friends there…you tremendously planned and chose the correct
wording…so many have stopped me and my family to say what a great
service was presented and how all your research was truly read, and the
service of remembrance was a more joyful occasion, rather than a sad time.
That is exactly what my Dad would have wanted…once more, Tony, thank you, my Dad would have been very proud of everything you’ve done. I am sure that I will get to shake your hand again one day, as everyone is asking for your number for future reference!”…sincerely Stephen Welsh & Family.

“…I apologise for not writing sooner and thanking you for the lovely
service you provided for our family. The Humanist service you gave, was
exactly that, and right. For a lot of people you provided an insight into the person Alan was and will always be remembered, just as we will
remember you” … Elaine Collins

“Hello Anthony, I am writing to you on behalf of my whole family to
thank you for your service at our Mother’s funeral. Your words and the
way in which you delivered them meant so much to us all…from all of us,
a heart-felt thank you” Christopher Byrne

“Dear Anthony, our entire family are so thankful to you for the very
fitting service you conducted yesterday for our mother. We were full of
grief but as your service proceeded we all began to feel we were listening
to someone who knew our mother well, was a friend of our family, and felt as much grief as we did, and you gave us reason to be thankful for her life and appreciate what she did for us. Our heartfelt thanks to you, Anthony, you gave us so much comfort! Thank you!’. Evelyn Thompson.

‘Dear Tony, I’m sorry it has taken me so long to send you a card!
Thank you so much for the beautiful service you gave for our father, Bert
Roberts. Everybody commented on how moving and warm it was. You
made a difficult day a lot easier with your sincerity and genuine manner.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we know Dad would have been very impressed too. Best wishes and warm regards to you…’Aly Beer

‘Dear Tony….please accept my most grateful thanks for the beautiful
ceremony you gave on Friday to celebrate the life of my husband. Your
perception of us all and the sorrow that we felt made us feel we were
listening to a close family friend … I know my husband would have liked
you immensely. Thank you, Tony’ …. Patricia Jewkes

‘Dear Tony, I want to thank you on behalf of myself and my family for the
lovely service you gave for my Brian. I appreciate it all the more because I know how difficult the day was for you personally. My fondest wishes to you’. Pam Hoare. Funeral Friday 28th June 2013. Pentre Bychan Crematorium Wrexham North Wales.

‘Dear Anthony, I just wanted to write to say thank you so much for the
service you provided for Paul’s funeral. Your speech was perfect and I
even had people ask if you knew Paul personally, which was lovely. Thank you again’. Heather Haysman.

‘Hi Anthony – Everyone who was at the service for Lucy was impressed.
John and I would like to thank you for making the whole thing so special,
All our very possible best regards’. Shirley

‘No one can possibly compete with you! Tony, you have an extraordinary
gift, one that made us all at mum’s funeral feel something marvellous was happening! We were enthralled by your presentation of mum’s life, feeling we had been the receiver of some gift from her, as you said, the gift of life she gave us all. Everyone at the service had nothing but praise for you, even the religious people said they wished their services was like that! Our thanks to you—and they are so very truly sincere!!’ Vivien Johnson & Family

‘….thank you so very much for your beautiful presentation for our Dad
today, you really captured the essence of the man that Frank was and so
many people came to us to praise YOU! Words can never express how
much we appreciate your presentation in this special tribute to our Father – from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you’ …Linda, Michael, Steve & Donna

‘Hi Tony, Many thanks, we really appreciated the way you handled the
service and many of Brian’s friends and our family were likewise
impressed. Thank you very much, it was dignified and exactly as Brian
would have wished. We all found the service to be exactly as Brian would
have wished and have all gained a little more closure through yesterday’s
funeral. Mother was very comforted by the way everything was conducted. Best Regards’. Renouf Watkins (Ian).

‘Tony, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your wonderful service
on Friday—I wasn’t expecting you to read out exactly what I had written
but I’m glad that you thought what we said was worthy of reading out—
everyone said how lovely the service was and a few people have come up
and said to me since that they’d like a humanist service at their funeral, too, so you must be doing something right! Anyway, thank you again and
wishing you good health and happiness for the future, best wishes’.
Sue Kelbrick

‘Hi Tony, just wanted to say a very big thank you for a lovely personal
service you gave us today, both me and my family were very touched, just sorry I did not get to say this to you at the end of the service. I know my Dad would of liked you as much as we did, once again, thank you very much, you are a lovely man and it made a big difference’! Jason Briggs.

‘Tony, many thanks for an excellent service today – everyone commented
on how good it was. A couple of people asked for your contact details, so I
passed on your card to them. My Father had a number of cousins in
America, with extended families of their own. My parents visited them on several occasions over the years, and we have received many expressions of condolences from them. Unfortunately, they were not able to make it over for the funeral, but I would very much like to share your wonderful service with them. Would it be possible to have an electronic copy of the service so I could email it to them? Best regards’. Phil & Elaine Weaver

‘Dear Tony, I know that you had lots of tragic events in your family, and
can only think that is why you are regarded by the funeral director as the
very best speaker at funerals available. We are grateful we listened to him! We cannot thank you enough. You have done us proud!’ Sheila Jackson.

‘Dear Tony, I just want to say thank you on behalf of myself, my wife
Bridgette and the whole family who attended the funeral service for
Phyllis yesterday. Neither I nor Bridgette knew quite what to expect from
a humanist service of remembrance as we had never attended one but we all, family and friends, said to each other afterwards that it could not have been better done. I am very glad that I stuck to my idea of having a
funeral according to her beliefs. Several of them said to us afterwards—
and I believe to you, too—that it was so much better and gave so much
more dignity to the occasion than a typical religious ceremony. Thank you again, yours very sincerely”. Simon Cotgreave 5th January 2013

‘Hello Anthony—on behalf of my Mum, Brother, and the rest of the
family, to say THANK YOU for the service led for my Sister yesterday.
We really appreciated the work you did, the dignity and grace you
brought to the service itself. As you’ll have picked up we were nervous
about it, just because it wasn’t the kind of service we’re more used to, but
I speak for us all when I say that our worries were groundless, and the
service created by you was a fitting tribute to Sophia … we’ll always be
grateful to you for it’. Sarah Manfredi.

‘Dear Tony, Myself, Joseph and Olivia just wanted to say a big thank
you to you for the great job you did for us today at Blacon. After the
ceremony, many of the mourners expressed to us how refreshing and
contemporary it was to attend a funeral which focussed on the deceased
and the deceased’s wishes rather than a traditional ceremony shrouded
with religious nonsense. Many have decided that when their time comes,
they want a funeral just like the one you conducted today, so expect to be
busy in the future! You did my beloved Tony proud and he would have
loved you for that. Many thanks and best regards’. Lisa McCrave 17th Jan’ 2013

‘Anthony, sorry I didn’t get a chance to thank you for the lovely service
you did for my Mum on Tuesday morning … thank you very much for
the lovely words and poem you chose to read for Mum … thank you
from the heart!’. Tracy and Lew

‘Dear Tony, I would like to say that given the timescale involved and the
minimal information supplied to you, the service that you carried out
yesterday was superb. My Mother was so very grateful that the service
was just what her late husband would have wanted. Words are just
words, but, thank you for your professionalism, time and effort’.
Martin Hughes

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