The world, and each other, is all we have, all we humans have ever had, and all we are likely to have.

Wise or Unwise?

There are many philosophers, now dead, that have made fame, and some alive today that contribute to the wealth of philosophy and it’s learning. Particularly must we refer to one of the most intelligent human beings that have ever existed.

His name was Bertrand Russell. He is described accurately as the leading British philosopher of the 20th Century and has made important, major contributions to such areas as logic and epistemology.

Bertrand Russell – a little about his books.

Bertrand Arthur William Russell was born at Trelleck 18th May 1872 and died on February 2nd  1970. Among the numerous renowned books – approximately 36 if my memory is correct – was ‘History of Western Philosophy’ and this is truly outstanding. A book highly recommended for studying, and essential for any student of the subject. We may refer to his birth and career later but now we are more concerned with some of his famous books.

Power of a man!

the key to human nature, Bertrand Russell found, in power, mankind’s ultimate goal and the single, most important  development of any society.

Karl Marx found the key in human nature in wealth, and Freud in sex. Russell’s book called ‘Power – A new social analysis’ was written in the late 1930’s when the world was on the brink of international warfare. Russell advocated a ‘new science’, one that made sense of daily events.

In Praise of Idleness – and other essays!

A brilliant book about bigotry and intolerance at the heart of human suffering, that seems to have dominated all human society throughout the world, and continues to pervert the course of human progress in many ways. Russell surveys social and political consequences of his strong beliefs. Only a brilliant mind like Russell’s could have written this wonderful book.

What I Believe

This book was first published in 1925 when Russell took on organised religion. About the same time he wrote a book titled ‘Why I Am Not A Christian’ and must rank as the most famous book about Russell’s famed atheism.

Like me he loathed religion and the awful harm it has inflicted on the human race over many centuries. A truly remarkable book and it continues to rank as the world’s best diatribe against all organised religions.

Sceptical Essays

A book that has never been out of print since its first revolutionary publication in 1928. Indeed, apart from ‘History of Western Philosophy’ this book, ‘Sceptical Essays’ have almost dominated my thinking life since I first read ‘History of Western Philosophy’ when I was approximately 12 years of age.I have remained a dedicated passionate devotee to the mind of Bertrand Russell.

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