Anthony Roberts

The world, and each other, is all we have, all we humans have ever had, and all we are likely to have.

A child of reason.

When 12 years of age, I knew all about the god most people believed existed, the god who created the cruelty of life and the evil contained within most of humanity. My beloved mother, and many other people I loved deeply, nor I, were cruel or evil, so I knew for certain, such a god that created cruelty and evil, certainly did not exist.

Business life.

Anthony sold his four businesses in London and retired aged 41 and since has sought to help others, and members of his family particularly, to have a happier life.

No going back.

Thanks to Bertrand Russell, my grandfather’s close friend and my Mother, plus my intelligence, I have not tolerated religious beliefs since I was 12 years of age and now, aged 79, I shall not alter in knowing I am better than any god created by mankind and will not, like all leaders and promoters of religious beliefs, seek financial profit promoting my way of thinking.

Anthony’s Law

It should be a criminal offence for ANY adult to teach ANY child under the age of fourteen years ANY aspect about ANY religion, and if religious beliefs of ANY kind contained ANY truth NO adult would be disturbed or worried about such a good and valuable law.

Children fourteen years and over can be told about religions and formulate their own opinions.. ..if such a beneficial law existed throughout the world of nations, most discord between nations would probably become obsolete and discord then between nations would be considered very strange behaviour!

The Thinking Child's God

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