Human Reason

The bedrock of Humanism.

Human progress was rarely (if ever!) the contribution to human welfare in science and medical treatments from religious beliefs. Control of society in general has always come from its leaders, its chiefs, its controllers.

It is easy enough to invent a religion, one need only think of the 15 year old teenager, Joseph Smith, from Sharon in Vermont, USA, for in 1820 he went into the woods to ‘find god’ and returned with odd beliefs that led finally to the establishment of the Mormon faith.

Joseph Smith became a convicted felon and sentenced to a time in prison. But the Mormon faith is today very successful and very rich!

Expand your horizons.

THINK, and so expand your horizons by thinking for yourself. Do not ever be content with merely accepting as true that which other people want you to believe is true. They either crave to influence your life, dictate how you will deal with your life and those of others, or achieve for themselves (or a group to which they belong) some financial or practical gain.

As a child I was very unpopular with most adults of the village in which I was born and bred – the reason for this distaste of me from adults was simple! – whatever they told me was true, I asked them to prove it to be so.

If you are young, why not have a similar approach to your parents, your teachers?

Perhaps you will realise I am not misleading you when I say their response will perhaps be like this – – “Don’t ask such silly questions!” or “It’s true because I say it is!”

Every day is a learning day!

Every day you live could be a day spent in learning something exciting and different rather than spending each day influenced by the foolish part of your local community.

A grown man kicks a ball around a patch of grass with others, aiming kicks of the ball between two posts to score a ‘goal’. Men get paid thousands and thousands of pounds or dollars to do this simple thing. 

Community leaders, particularly business people, approve of this activity, and one could consider it reasonable enough, but when one considers a young child amounting to many thousands die every few minutes in this world from lack of food, water, or medical supplies, a man kicking a ball around a patch of grass for fantastic sums of income seems ‘peculiar’.

Do you love gardening?

Many thousands of people spend their days growing flowers, shrubs, trees, and many vegetables for them to eat. They dislike some growths, which they refer to as ‘weeds’. A ‘weed’ is only a plant that grows in a place you do not wish it to be growing! Thousands of garden lovers purchase a product called ‘Slug & Snail Control Pellets’. Slugs and snails feed on most plants. Gardeners do not like slugs and snails so they spread slug control pellets. Slugs and snails eat these poisonous pellets and die. Plants then are quite free of most slugs and snails.

The British hedgehog – the gardener’s and farmer’s best friend! – comes along and eats the snail or slug, then becomes poisoned. iIt is estimated that the British hedgehog – the best friend a good gardener can have – will be extinct by 2025. This subject is raised as a very simple demonstration of a people’s lack of thought, particularly the religious people who are keen gardener’s or farmer’s – they are making extinct a very useful creature their god created to help and benefit them. However, people’s laziness and lack of thought, will make the little hedgehog extinct. Avoid laziness and lack of thought, and make each day a learning day!

Thought is valuable.

Life becomes more enjoyable if one thinks! One of the worst sentences that has been said is by a young person “I’m bored”.  They think if they say it often people will feel sorry for them, and, or, help them become less bored. An intelligent adult can easily become annoyed and irritated by such a contemptuous remark. ‘Bored’ by the magnificent beauty and wondrous natural happenings of this world? The enthralling quantity of knowledge now available on the Internet? 

To even think of describing oneself as ‘bored’ is to inform everyone who hears you say such an idiotic statement that they are in the presence of an unmitigated fool.

Life improvement.

Unless one suffers from an unfortunate natural malady that prevents one learning and understanding even the simplest subject, it is almost impossible to advance improvements in your life, and the life of those whom you love and care for, without achieving some benefit from your abilities to improve yourself.

It takes a determined will to take some time to conclude what you can do to benefit yourself, your family, your community. Think – that is a stimulating horizon to reach.

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