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The world, and each other, is all we have, all we humans have ever had, and all we are likely to have.

  • Humanists Realm is an independent site which presents the Humanist outlook for enquirers and gives information about our Humanist ethical tradition.
  • Humanist Celebrants advice about Humanist services, funerals, weddings, baby-naming. As well as training to become a Humanist Celebrant. Business site of Anthony Roberts Moore

Is my faith in gods harmful?

Some religious believers are sensible in their approach to their god-faith and will accept their belief as demonstrable in the holy book, the Christian bible, the Islamic Qur’ran, and others, could not contain absolute truth. Despite that most religious believers are still causing mental harm to the world-wide human community by supporting or promoting religious faith of any kind.

Excellent Books

If the contents of this website have inspired you to discover how science can answer all the current theories about god, the argument from design, the ontological argument and other a priori arguments, the argument from beauty, personal experience and from scripture read:

  • The God Delusion it’s a very comprehensive yet easy to read book -highly recommended!
  • ‘God Is Not Great’ by Christopher Hitchens, subtitled ‘The Case Against Religion’ (Published by Atlantic Books,London) 
  • ‘God’ by Alexander Waugh (Published by Headline Book Publishing, London)

What can an atheist do?

Education of the young should centre around the themes of human community values and all aspects of religions remain unmentioned until the young mind is at least fourteen years old.

No greater description of my own approach to education of the young could be found than in that excellent book ‘The God Delusion’ by Professor Richard Dawkins of Oxford University who wrote:

I agree totally with Professor Dawkins. I interpret this in my 1982 statement: ‘It should be a criminal offence for ANY adult to teach ANY child under the age of fourteen years ANY aspect about ANY religion, and if religious beliefs of ANY kind contained ANY truth NO adult would be disturbed or worried about such a good and valuable law’.

Think – do not merely Accept….

You will read on my websites that I believe three kinds of human beings believe in some sort of religion. Those devoid of a brain capable of thinking with reason and logic. Gullible people who are afraid of their death so have to believe they shall live forever.

Those who can convince the people that they are favoured by their god or goddess and can speak on his or her behalf to them – and get lots of money or political power for doing so!

John Frum is God

My beloved Mother taught me to read and write by the time I was 2 years of age. I am now almost 79 years old. I have read many books over the years, listened to many speakers about all sorts of subjects. Throughout that time I never heard of or read about the God, John Frum. We learn something new every day! That is why life is so very beautiful and wondrous – every day is a learning day, a day of appreciation of being alive on this lovely Earth.

I have referred to Professor Dawkins excellent book ‘The God Delusion’. On page 203 you will find stupendous details about the god, or messianic figure of god called John Frum. There are people in the Pacific Melanesia and New Guinea region, including New Caledonia, New Hebrides, Solomon and Fiji islands, who believe in John Frum as god or some messianic figure.

Just as some people believe in Mahammed as god’s prophet and Jesus Christ as god himself, these people of the islands referred to utterly in John Frum. How wonderful people like Professor Dawkins exist to share with us these wonderful pieces of information!

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