The world, and each other, is all we have, all we humans have ever had, and all we are likely to have.

Is religious belief essential?

No, it certainly is not essential. Human history is full to over-flowing of gods, goddesses, gods of the moon and sun, and elves and fairies! The religious believer also speaks often of spirits, souls, and devils. Religious belief also created the name Israel.

Few ordinary people are aware that the Jewish race name emanates probably from Isis, the moon goddess of Egypt, Ra their sun god, and El, who was the supreme deity, and whose children included the Christian and Jewish son of El who was named, God.

Atheism – the absence of gods!

Gods are not relevant to life or decisions in it we all have to make. All the good aspects that mankind has created for itself to improve life, when examined carefully, have no relevance to religious beliefs.

Human nature with all its moral values is capable of disposing of religions. No-one could deny that the Russian Dictator, Josef Stalin, an atheist, was not a cruel and evil person, but he was on a Parr with Adolf Hitler, the German Dictator, who proudly voiced his birth and upbringing as a devout Roman Catholic.

When human history is studied with care, there remains little doubt that religious beliefs of all kinds have been totally responsible for wanton cruelty to fellow human beings throughout the past centuries – and is still responsible for too much wickedness today!

Why atheism? Why avoid gods?

Belief in gods has been responsible for too much human wickedness and cruelty. It has to be ended.

Schools should not continue teaching children that gods are kind and nice, and their education should – internationally – revolve around human dignity and kindness towards each other.

In time the human condition throughout the world would improve. Religious beliefs are tantamount to evil in its truest meaning.

Muslims would behead you if you gave the slightest criticism of their prophet, Mohammed. Yet Mohammed was merely a money-hungry, political, power-hungry leader of a small tribe whose first major action in the name of Allah was to attack another nation and put that other tribe to death.

Scientists are Religious?

Some are, but whatever their degree of intelligence regarding their chosen subject, they still cannot prove gods exist. They may have chosen one particular deity to worship, and call it a god, or as a title of their specific belief, God (God, being one of the sons of El, the supreme deity!). They rely on faith. Many appear to accept religious faith merely as part of their traditional way of communal life, yet when pressed, many seem very embarrassed to say they believe in God.

One of the truly intelligent scientists named, Albert Einstein, (surely one person hundreds of scientists and academics throughout the world know they are certainly not as intelligent as Einstein was!) was adamant in saying:

“It was, of course, a lie what you read about my religious convictions, a lie which is being systematically repeated. I do not believe in a personal God and I have never denied this but expressed it clearly”.

Believe? Yes, I do! Do you?

I believe in the basic goodness of one human being dealing with another in a fair, dignified and reasonable way. That is enough of religious belief. Let us create a form of religion between one person worshipping another!

Since I was a teenager I have said “Three kinds of human beings believe in some sort of religion”:

  1. those devoid of a brain that can think with reason and logic
  2. gullible people who are afraid of their death so have to believe they shall live forever
  3. those who can convince other people that they are favoured by the god or goddess and can speak on his or her behalf to them , and get lots of money or political power for doing so!” These simple sentiments I readily believe in

What is honesty?

Honesty is a determined and intelligent attitude of the thinking mind when dealing with others. If one disagrees with another on any point, wheresoever that point emanates from, with honest reason one can say “we must agree to disagree” and put it aside if kindly argument can not be pursued.

Religious belief separates people, brings about discord, hatred and adversity between them, and that is not honesty! If you wish to actively and promote discord, hatred and physical abuse with your neighbour – you need only maintain a different religious belief than they have. Religion of every kind throughout the world is a status of dishonesty.

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