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Anthony Roberts-Moore

Member of The British Humanist Association – The Humanist Society – The Natural Death Society The Euthanasia Association (now known as Dignity in Dying) & many other similar groups. “The world and each other is all we have, all we have ever had, and all we are likely to have. Religion is unnecessary to lead a good life. Religion is evil, it poisons everything. It should be made a civil or even criminal offence for any adult to teach any child aged fourteen years and younger anything about any religion. Those with religious faith who have confidence in their belief in gods would not object to such a valuable international rule or law. To afflict children’s minds with statements that are not true, is an evil thing”.

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Now 73 years of age and in my 74th year of life, I make comments regarding my view on British citizenship. In the past six and a half years I have died twice and suffered a quite serious stroke. I get annoyed when people I meet, and when all too often TV & Radio sites continue criticism of the National Health Service. I have NO complaints save two and they are not worth relating!

One of the demonstrations of how silly people can be is that a lot of people think the Labour Party contrived the National Health Service. The 1st Public Health Act in Parliament was passed in 1848. The 2nd one passed in Parliament in 1875. The 3rd Parliamentary Act concerning Health Visitors organised by Local Councils in the UK was in 1890. National Insurance Act was passed in 1911, and this was ordinary people paying part of earnings from wages and salaries for their general health cover for free at the point of receipt, nothing to do with the Labour Party!

Then - no matter which political Party won power after WW2 – Parliament began the official start of the National Health Service, although its actual building work started a few years BEFORE the outbreak of that war, probably around 1936 0r 1937, and only postponed until the war ended. This is just a little point of interest – but any supporter of the Labour Party will declare these facts are ‘just lies’, or ‘things based on propaganda’.

If someone actually gave me some small reward for this ‘essay’ I may be able to finally afford to go on holiday to relax a little, - after all, my last holiday was in 1953 when I was about twelve years old, 61 years ago, and that was paid for by my parents! Unlike politicians and ‘do-gooders’ and other kinds of charlatans I have never been able to afford a ‘holiday’ – my life has to be a ‘holiday’ from the darkness it started from and the darkness it goes into.

But a more important point - I am satisfied with that; I have to be. I am a British citizen and I loathe some politicians and communal leaders who state that other sections of the UK should have a debate or vote on whether or not they wish to be part of the UK.

It should be far easier for politicians, communal leaders, even teachers in schools, to express how each part of the UK has contributed greatly to its whole worldwide success and influence – my own view is –

I am a Scot, and a good Welshman, too,
And equal to them both, North Ireland’s man;
Though born and bred in England through and through
Am all United Kingdom’s proudest clan;
Oh how I love my Scotland and my Wales,
The history of both uplifts my heart,
And Ireland, with fair mountains, meadows, dales –
All of Great Britain’s noble, envied part!
Ah, Britain now is wizened by the yoke
Of those who crave division of its sects,
Hide drive for separation ‘neath lies cloak,
Maintain its glories had such ill defects!
We are one nation. Now enemies within
Break us apart. Our foes? No – our kin!

January 27th 2012

I was born and bred in the United Kingdom, soon it may be called the ‘former United Kingdom’ if certain power-hungry politicians and communal leaders in selected parts of the United Kingdom, and so-called ‘celebrities’ achieve their desires. We are ONE nation, ONE people, and each one of us should be proud that each section of the UK has contributed to us today being declared and regarded as the most envied nation in the world. If we were not ‘most envied nation of the world’ why do so many thousands wish to come and live here?

Thousands of foreign people wish to come and live here, and the very personality of most British people, being inflicted by acceptance and kind treatment of every person wishing to come and live in the UK, shows that we are simply, a kindly, tolerant people!

However, I have voted for the same political party all my voting life with the exception of one occasion when I voted for the great liar, Harold Wilson, Wilson’s attitude to the general British people is mirrored by the former Prime Minister, Tony Blair, who stated on television that Albert Einstein believed in the existence of a god. Einstein did no such thing!

Either Blair knew he was lying to the public or is so poorly educated that he did not realise, or want to accept, he was uttering a lie. He now earns millions of pounds and dollars advocating religion but the public now know Blair is not a truthful person. Albert Einstein said to a Correspondent interviewing him “It was, of course, a lie what you read about my religious convictions, a lie which is being systematically repeated. I do not believe in a personal…god…and I have never denied this but expressed it clearly”. Was Einstein telling lies, as you do, Mr.Blair?

But one has to remember that Blair and USA President Bush both deliberately must have lied to the public about weapons of mass destruction held by another country’s foul and foolish leader. Having watched and studied local and national politicians for approximately sixty years I conclude few, if any, of them are honest people in their outlook on the country they lead or influence.

None of them in my experience find it possible to answer any question put to them with an honest, a direct, answer. One of the greatest Prime Ministers the UK has had throughout many, many decades, even centuries of progress, was turned on with fierce opposition by the party she led and revealed to all people, capable of careful thought, that the majority of them do not know what honour actually means. That true Stateswoman, Margaret Thatcher, was so influential that almost all other countries in the world – with VERY few exceptions, follow her ‘revolutionary handling of a country’s needs’.

But, it has always amazed relatives and friends how easily I give an accurate, long-term verdict on what politicians in power have introduced on their own behest or influenced to do so by communal leaders considered to have some worth (few actually do). It is called ‘perception’ and ‘foresight’. Most local and national politicians do not have such quality of character and personality, and most of them seem not to understand how both thoughtful qualities are achieved. (From henceforth in this criticism I shall refer to all politicians, local and national, as ‘politicians’ for there is little difference in how the factions think and feel, all basically are tainted with the same brush!).

Immigration? It should be thought about that the more immigrants that are allowed to enter the United Kingdom the more growth and support of Communist and Socialist groups and political parties of those interest increases. Most immigrants were born and bred in a former Communist or presently strong Socialist-based community and have no natural inclination to support the Royal Family of Great Britain nor traditional British rules, regulations and traditions. Will Great Britain end up as a replica of the Roman Empire – tainted and disfigured by alien concerns to what once was?

If people wish to come here to live it is simply a good thing that they should confirm acceptance of British Law and Democracy through Parliament and swear allegiance to our Sovereign Lady, Queen Elizabeth and her Heirs. A simple procedure, and if not acceptable to them, they should not be included as citizens.

In probably a hundred years from now most politicians elected into Westminster Parliament will be religious cranks. All religious people are fools. Everyone who believes in a god or goddess is slightly inadequate regarding intelligence. The indigenous population of the United Kingdom, (or probably it will be called at that future time, the Former United Kingdom), will be in a minority, and so local and national politicians will be either immigrants or off-spring of immigrant citizens. The United Kingdom should follow the USA’s very wise situation - for the USA does not allow people NOT born in the USA to become local or national politicians.

Before anyone thinks of stating I am being racist in my view I add that my secretary for some 26 years came from Ghana, her skin was black as the Ace of Spades, she was educated at Oxford, spoke English far better than myself or my beloved Queen Elizabeth and as most members of Her family do today, and certainly far, far better than most broadcasters of any kind do so now. It is appalling that broadcasters and those who interview politicians and other kinds of ‘do-gooders’ ask a question of whoever they are interviewing, and then, before the person is allowed to reply, interrupt them.

Has anyone ever heard Krishnan Guru-Murthy allow a person to answer the question he has just asked? Can Annabel Tiffin actually speak English properly? Her constant use of ‘yeah’ makes one doubt it. But, they are just two of so-called ‘celebrities’ and broadcasters who seem to enjoy hastening the demise of the English language when spoken correctly. Does anyone speak the English language correctly now, anyone accept me?

At some point in the late 1950’s or so it was decided by some politicians or communal ‘do-gooders’, that people should be encouraged not to speak English properly but resort to local dialect. They chose to abolish the beautiful, the magnificently splendid English language. The BBC, ITV, all other TV and radio strengths, now cannot, do not, speak English correctly.

They destroy the English language with coarse, foul expressions of their thought. I do not regret the fact that I speak English correctly and do so better than my beloved Queen Elizabeth. She says ‘yeah which I do not, nor have or will do. Nor do I speak as some members of Her Majesty’s family do now when they have been heard to say – ‘gonna’ – ‘goin’ ‘wanna’– ‘yer’ or ‘yea’ - even as most politicians, communal leaders, and newsreaders and weather forecasters do. Where did this word ‘gonna’ come from? The USA? Probably - for the bulk of them are the most stupid people on Earth.

Politicians, communal ‘do-gooders’, news and weather readers on TV & Radio, do not keep to traditional views regarding spoken English, their parents did not teach them to speak English correctly, nor did their school teachers, but then most Governments do not help cure such disturbing features of communal living.

But most Governments in the ‘West’ give masses of tax payers money to various (mainly) African States. Ostensibly to help these young developing nations prosper. The Indian Government state they do not want any more British taxpayer’s money, but we still send it. However, most of the taxpayers money goes not to stop the slaughter of Elephant’s, Rhino’s, Mountain Gorilla’s, Vultures, and many more, the politicians in those countries grab it, distribute a little – very little – and hoard it in Switzerland or other monetary safe places. Ordinary people in this United Kingdom are against giving their money to any developing or foreign nation unless rules apply for the money to be used sensibly and fairly.

If politicians of all the developed nations had genuine consideration for people of their community they would stop grabbing the millions from income raised from the producers of weapons that are designed to, and intend to, murder and maim men women and children in their own and in other nations. They sanction the production of weapons that murder and maim men women and children in order to gain income from such production, and indeed, have the power to use such production for their own advantages…….on behalf of their community, of course!

If the current Prime Minister of our Government wished to become renowned in centuries to come the elimination of religious schools would give him that fame. If my beloved Sovereign, Queen Elizabeth, wished to become the greatest Monarch ever that has been in the United Kingdom, she would have proclaimed that it was against Her wish that religion of any kind should be taught to any child aged fourteen years and younger by any adult. What a great benefit that would be to the human race eventually!

I recognise and sincerely accept that my Sovereign Lady has religious belief, it gives her joy and satisfaction to be so, nor would I or any devoted patriot object to that. Her systems of influence in all aspect of Her Governing departments can continue, can be strengthened by its very tradition, but, wisdom influenced by intelligent foresight – and deep love of Her country as the United Kingdom – should now prevent the developing hostility and alteration caused by peculiar religious beliefs now obviously strengthening.

Rumour tells me that certain Town Halls in the North of England have rooms set aside where Muslim Shi’ite and/or Sunni laws are being put in action and service to the community, in total ignorance of, and in total rejection of, British Law.

In certain schools in Great Britain – as is now well-known – pupils of all ages are being taught nothing, or very little, of English history or English language, almost every subject concentrating on the virtues of the Muslim religion. Nothing of worth is being done to prevent this idiocy as no politician, no communal ‘do-gooder’ no ‘celebrity’ no news reader on any TV or Radio station, wishes to oppose this silliness for FEAR of being regarded as a ‘racist’. Where ignorance is bliss it is a folly to be wise!

I will state and declare to all immigrants from every nation and culture wishing to come to live in Great Britain – “This is Great Britain. If one does not wish or choose to accept our British Law and way of life and our traditions then do not reside in Great Britain, go somewhere where you will be happier”.

I as others can only hope that our beloved Sovereign, Queen Elizabeth, will say in her annual message to The Commonwealth every Christmastime that we are one community, one people, each citizen of every part of the United Kingdom has shared, and always shares, every part of the greatness and envy as a nation it has achieved. We all should be proud of being English, Scot, Welsh, or Irish…we are all British Citizens!

A short while ago in the very street in which I reside I chatted to a number of young children, seven in all. Three of them were children of immigrants. I wanted to discover how young folk think of much in our country today. I was appalled…Winston Churchill was a ‘man from London who started the last war’ and NONE of them knew who the Head of State is, plus the three immigrant’s children said the Head of State was an imaam in the mosque in Liverpool’ …..when told who the Head of State actually was, the eldest one of those children said ‘oh, that woman’s Satan’s daughter and should have her head chopped off’…….I demonstrated anger, deep anger, and the little girl, slightly younger, said something in her mother tongue to the boy, and he then looked sheepish and said he was just joking……obviously the girl told him to say that. Appalling.

The other children, ALL of them children of the indigenous population as well as children of immigrants, could not speak English properly, all of them are totally ignorant and untutored. This is what politicians, communal ‘do-gooders’ and so-called popular ‘celebrities’ have brought the country I love deeply to an unimaginable depth of stupidity.

Even the elected representative of the Governments Education Department cannot speak English correctly, so what can any educated person who loves the English language when spoken correctly, feel about this awful position?

But, I have had enough! Relatives and friends urge me to continue, urge me to share with you my foresights in how modern politicians are bringing about the almost inevitable transfer of Buckingham Palace to use as an Ayatollah’s Presidential Palace after some two or three hundred years if they do not lay the foundation now of avoidance of such a happening, they want to drive me to show how three and four decades ago I forecast then the results of political stupidities that have come true but, there is no point.

Ah, let it be. To all politicians and ‘do-gooders’ and so-called ‘celebrities’, real people such as I are of such little importance. All I say now is, love all things well, for all things end in death, and say to all these politicians and ‘do-gooder’s’ who disfigure our traditional British life, try to bear the ruination of the United Kingdom with a modicum of dignity..